Adult Wing Chun

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Wing Chun Kung Fu

The martial art taught at Meridian Kung Fu (UK) is Wing Chun Kung Fu, one of the most effective fighting systems known. Learning with Meridian Kung Fu (UK) will enhance your martial arts journey as we offer so much progression, growth and professionalism.

Our Instructors are experts in bringing out the very best in their students, irrespective of age, gender or current ability. In a very short period of time you’ll see yourself executing blocks, strikes and kicks as you thought you never could!

Adult classes available at the following clubs

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Also available to all members

– Dedicated beginners syllabus (designed so everyone can participate)
– Dedicated beginners only groups (groups maximum of 10 beginners)
– Professional Instructors specialising in coaching new recruits

At the end of the course you will know

  1. How to deal with an attacker of greater size and strength (easily)
  2. Vital striking points
  3. Basic blocks and strikes
  4. Basic kicks and footwork
  5. Basic principles of Wing Chun Kung Fu

Your confidence levels will soar as you learn practical self defence techniques that work with lightning speed. You’ll feel safe knowing you can protect yourself and your loved ones and inspired that you are learning an incredible new skill.

After the beginner course you will be ready to participate in regular sessions and benefit from the amazing opportunities and facilities Meridian Kung Fu (UK) offer

Full access to our Members online learning zone

This will allow you to watch professionally made tutorial videos and training drills relevant to the belt level you are training towards on any of your mobile devices. This will allow you to practice at home correctly.

  • Option to train from once to seven (yes seven) times a week if you wish.
  • Option to progress onto Elite Training and learn the weapons and wooden dummy.
  • Option to progress onto a career as a successful full time/part time Instructor
  • Option for private training
  • Instructors with over 40 years experience in peak performance martial arts training
  • Regular seminars
  • Regular grading
  • Professional environment with good people that attend our classes.

Martial arts offers exciting and dynamic training for the mind, body and spirit. Staying with a workout is what most everyone finds so tough, particularly without a coach or trainer. Meridian Kung Fu offers our adult students a dynamic step-by-step workout coached by a professional instructor at every class you attend.

Physical Conditioning

Each session includes all primary aspects of physical conditioning – Strength Development, Cardiopulmonary Conditioning and Flexibility Training. Consistent with the unique history and practice of the martial arts, our core curriculum includes high-energy drills designed to build and hone self-control and self-discipline. Through positive coaching we instill confidence and develop skills in personal development, manners and protocol as well as building your personal knowledge in maintaining your health and fitness.

Further development

Once you reach intermediate level you will be offered the opportunity to participate in our 4 year Elite Training Programme (see website for full details). This programme teaches the weapons of Wing Chun, the Wooden Dummy and Chi Kung.

We also offer a 4 year Instructor Programme resulting in you opening your own branch.

What to wear?

Clothing: Loose and comfortable top and full length trousers. Non marking shoes.


4 week trial course only


Adult classes available at the following clubs

Click a club below to start your martial ars journey!

See our 5 star reviews…

“The instructors are fabulous. Their dedication and commitment is second to none!”

“I’m now in my fifth year since joining the club and it’s given me a massive confidence boost and as well as keeping me fit physically In mind and body, it’s taught me discipline and a different look on the world. All the instructors are very friendly and professional and it’s nice being part of something that I enjoy. Highly Recommended. ”

“I think this art has a very important physical attraction as well as a philosophical approach mostly lost in these ‘modern’ times. All round self knowledge is expertly offered in an encouraging environment, regardless of gender, experience or the natural ravages of wear & tear! All hopefully for many more years to come!”

Just one of our adult groups. We teach over 500 adults of all ages and abilities each week!

Just one of our adult groups. We teach over 500 adults of all ages and abilities each week!

Beginner Course - Adults 2

Classes are structured and professional. You’ll participate in bag training, focus pad and drill training, and self defence applications, all in an extremely safe and calm environment

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